Adoption Metrics — Choosing the Tools to Measure Your Intranet KPIs

Whether you’re using the Objective & Key Result (OKR) framework, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), or some other performance measurement framework, identifying how you will define success is an integral part of proving the value of your program or solution. When rolling out a new solution, or an update to an existing solution, many solution owners focus on user adoption as the key way they will measure the success of their work. Read More

A Product Development Journey

We demoed the first release of our behavioural analytics tool for SharePoint Online (and for Yammer) at the very first Microsoft Ignite conference in Chicago back in 2015. It actually feels a lot longer ago. We were excited. We were perhaps first to market with an enterprise class offering in the space. And with so much noise around an imminent mass migration to ‘the cloud’, we were confident we would leave the conference awash with opportunities. Read More

A Power BI Transformation

We’re rolling out a Power BI transformation with a new edition of the NGAGE Analytics platform. And there’s a lot that hasn’t changed. NGAGE is still the behavioral analytics platform that’s built using the Microsoft BI stack. Meaning SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) for ETL. SQL Server for the Data Warehouse. SQL Server Analysis Server (SSAS) for the multi-dimensional Cube and, until recently, Microsoft PerformancePoint Services (PPS) for reporting. Read More