NGAGE for Apps

Comprehensive Behavioral Analytics Solutions for Virtually Any Custom or Third Party Application


The business value of any application is a function of how widely and consistently it is adopted by its target user population. By connecting an application to the NGAGE platform you can intervene early and accurately where there are adoption problems, learn what works and make continuous, measurable improvements.


Adoption is just the start; the real ROI in an application is in the improved individual and team productivity that flows from it being used well. NGAGE can give you all the insights you need to define, target and track the effectiveness of training around best practice.


The more critical the application, the more it brings reputational, legal and commercial risks. NGAGE can help you predict and manage those risks while enabling you to track, manage and improve users’ compliance with corporate standards.

Talk to us about your Custom Apps and we’ll soon tell you if and how we can build a dedicated analytics solution for you.

In terms of Third Party Apps, we’ll roll out analytics products in line with customer demand. For example, we have just launched NGAGE for Atlassian Confluence – while NGAGE for iManage is already installed with customers. Also, as part of our investment in analytics for Office 365, we will soon be launching NGAGE for Yammer.

Take a Tour of NGAGE for iManage

NGAGE for Manage is a comprehensive behavioral analytics solution for the iManage Work Document Management System. It captures a detailed, time-stamped record of every user’s interaction with Clients, Matters and Documents and makes this data available through Power BI dashboards and reports that are simple to explore, manipulate and export. It’s important to note that NGAGE can import your complete iManage document history; this immediately creates a rich information resource that serves a wide range of Change Management, Information Governance, Risk and Compliance agendas.

  • Understand how well and how widely iManage is being used across your organization - so that you can compare local adoption trends and issues and intervene quickly and accurately as required. NGAGE for iManage Adoption Trends
  • Get unique insights into user engagement and activity levels across any and all Clients and Matters. NGAGE for iManage Clients and Matters
  • Zoom in on important behaviors (e.g. filing of emails) and identify priorities for improvement by office, practice or individual. NGAGE for iManage Important Behaviors
  • Recognize significant changes in an individual’s usage profile – and get ‘Risk Trip’ alerts when potentially high risk behaviors (e.g. Export, Mail) exceed daily thresholds. NGAGE for iManage Risk Trip Alerts
  • Leverage NGAGE’s ability to identify all content touched by an individual or connected to any Client/Matter - for example to support Off/On-Boarding, Client Release and the fulfillment of Protective/Destruction Orders. NGAGE for iManage Identify All Content

  • The NGAGE platform maintains a rich and accurate definition of the authenticated user population for each target application via synchronization with Active Directory and/or any other relevant sources of user profile data.

  • Using the most appropriate mix of techniques (IIS Log processing, Timer Jobs, Event Receivers, Script Injection, Database Integration, REST API) it captures a time-stamped record of and detailed metadata around each user’s interaction with the app.

  • All this data is blended within a Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehouse and pushed on to a SQL Server Analysis Services multi-dimensional cube with a vast array of pre-built Measures. We use Microsoft Power BI (hosted or on premises) to interrogate the Cube and to create a great self-service reporting experience.