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for Intranets and Client Portals built on
SharePoint and MS Teams

NGAGE Intelligence: Leveraging Microsoft Power BI

Tracking Custom/3rd Party Components

NGAGE is an enterprise-class behavioral analytics platform for intranets and client portals built on SharePoint Server, SharePoint Online and MS Teams. One of its most striking attributes is its extensibility to report on diverse custom and third-party components. For example, it can track interactions with custom Web Parts built using SPFx or a toolset such as Infodash or Handshake. It could be a home-grown guided search solution. Or a MS Teams provisioning and governance tool such as Intapp Workspaces. Whatever the extension, with NGAGE it’s simple to add new Entities and Behaviors to your data model to give you an integrated, ‘single source of the truth’ of how your environment is performing.

Driving User Adoption and Engagement

The business value of any system is a function of how widely and consistently it is adopted by its target user population. By connecting your portal/collaboration environment to the NGAGE platform you can intervene early and accurately where there are adoption problems, learn what works and make continuous, measurable improvements.

Increasing ROI, Productivity and Best Practice

Adoption is just the start; the real ROI is in the improved individual and team productivity that flows from your environment being used well. NGAGE can give you all the insights you need to define, target and track the effectiveness of training around best practice.

Improving Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

The more sophisticated your environment - the more it integrates with core business applications - the more it brings reputational, legal and commercial risks. NGAGE can help you predict and manage those risks while enabling you to track, manage and improve users’ compliance with corporate standards.

Transforming the Search and Discovery Experience

However much you invest in UI design and information architecture it’s often users’ satisfaction with their Search experience that will define the real and perceived value of a portal. NGAGE tracks user behavior and outcomes in relation to Search Terms, Refiners, Result Sources and Result Selection.

Leveraging Microsoft Technologies

All NGAGE products leverage Microsoft enterprise technologies for scalability, security and ease of use.They are deployed either on-premises (for SharePoint Server based environments) or in your own Azure subscription. All use Microsoft Power BI with the choice of the hosted Power BI Service (with no data persistence) or the wholly on-premises Power BI Report Server. Both provide a comprehensive, richly visual reporting experience that can easily be tailored for and distributed to diverse audiences. In fact, NGAGE’s ‘Cube + Power BI’ architecture empowers every user with an intuitive, self-service custom reporting capability.