NGAGE Intelligence is the developer of the NGAGE - the only native SharePoint, all-Microsoft solution in the Enterprise Analytics space. NGAGE serves as a 'big picture' Performance/Change Management system for measuring and driving wide-scale User Adoption of on-premise SharePoint deployments and for continuous improvement of the User Experience.

It delivers extensive Site Traffic and Search Analytics while serving as an auditing resource for Governance, Risk and Compliance requirements. It can also be extended to track usage of SharePoint Online, Yammer and virtually any Custom or Third Party application.

NGAGE is the only Enterprise Analytics solution built exclusively using Microsoft technologies: it is itself a secure, on-premises SharePoint Service Application and uses the Microsoft BI stack to deliver a great, self-service analytics experience through SharePoint Business Intelligence Centers.

NGAGE in Legal

NGAGE is deployed in a number of commercial and public sector environments. In the Legal sector it is proving especially successful and we can now count several 'A List' firms as clients.

For some the attraction is our core SharePoint Analytics capability, which is guiding their investments in Knowledge Management, Collaboration or Client Extranets.

For others it's our analytics solution for HP Autonomy WorkSite/iManage - the most pervasive document management solution in the legal sector. NGAGE creates a rich, accessible 'single source of the truth' of how 'WorkSite' has been used - and continues to be used - across its organization. It delivers business value under many headings - including Change Management, Process Improvement, Operational Support, Information Governance, Risk and Compliance.


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Wide-scale adoption of collaborative technologies will have a significant positive impact on your organizational and business performance. You've invested in the best possible tools. Now all you've got to do is to change the way people behave... In these short, sharp 30-minute webinars you'll learn how the NGAGE Enterprise Analytics platform can help.