NGAGE Intelligence is the developer of the NGAGE - the only native SharePoint, all-Microsoft solution in the Enterprise Analytics space. NGAGE serves as a 'big picture' Performance/Change Management system for measuring and driving wide-scale User Adoption of on-premise SharePoint deployments and for continuous improvement of the User Experience.

It delivers extensive Site Traffic and Search Analytics while serving as an auditing resource for Governance, Risk and Compliance requirements. It can also be extended to track usage of SharePoint Online, Yammer and virtually any Custom or Third Party application.

NGAGE is the only Enterprise Analytics solution built exclusively using Microsoft technologies: it is itself a secure, on-premises SharePoint Service Application and uses the Microsoft BI stack to deliver a great, self-service analytics experience through SharePoint Business Intelligence Centers.

The Case for Enterprise Analytics

The business value of any enterprise application is a function of how well and how widely itís adopted. With enterprise analytics you can quickly understand current state. You can set objectives. You can identify and prioritize problems. You can intervene quickly and accurately. You can monitor the effectiveness of those interventions. You can keep improving.

NGAGE for Legal

NGAGE is being chosen by a growing number of 'A List' Law Firms to help performance manage their investments in SharePoint for Internal Communications, Knowledge Management, Collaboration and Client Extranets. In response to customer demand, NGAGE now also offers rich analytics around HP WorkSite - the pervasive document management solution within the legal sector.


Essential SharePoint Analytics
Date: Tuesday, January 13th
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Date: Thursday, January 15th
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Whatever your business goals for SharePoint - as a Communications, Collaboration, Enterprise Social or Search platform - your success will always be a product of how well and how widely it's used. And that will always be influenced by the quality of user experience you deliver. Which is why both issues need to be performance managed. And for that, comprehensive SharePoint Analytics are essential.

With NGAGE you get the 'big picture' of how SharePoint is being used and experienced across your organization. You can identify and zoom in on areas where adoption is low and where performance needs improving. You get to intervene early and accurately and to learn what works. Please join us for a short 30 minute webinar to see what you could achieve if you had NGAGE installed in your SharePoint environment.